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We are Writing with Good News

Dear Stokely friends,

What a challenging year it has been. We have missed you, and from what we are hearing the good news is that the border will be opening August 9th to all those fully vaccinated.

You can follow border crossing info at-

When we left Canada at the end of the season in March of 2020, we never guessed it would be well over a year before we could return. It was the first time Stokely was closed for a ski season since it opened in 1978. We are grateful to Richard and Kim who have been checking on and maintaining the buildings and property, keeping up correspondence, and making sure the bills get paid. We are looking forward to bringing back our staff after months without employment. Richard and Alex are working on trail preparation. Kim is managing weddings, other events and getting ready to take new winter reservations.

Our website with 2021-22 rates and winter schedule will be updated by August 14. This will take some patience as we sort out the reservations left at the end of the 2020 season and take new reservations for the upcoming season. We will be extremely happy to see skis in the racks, jackets in the warming room and rosy-checked skiers flying down Home Run Hill. We so hope you'll join the fun.

We know it has been a tough year for everyone and we sincerely hope you and your families are doing well. Until the snow starts falling stay healthy and safe. We've missed you and can't wait to welcome you back.

Looking forward to seeing you when the snow is on the ground.

Susan and Gaylen Byker

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