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Lots of Snow on the Stokely Trails

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The Winter season has started off with a flurry of great snow and many happy guests. It started snowing in mid-December and has not disappeared, even with a couple rainy days in between. Our trails have a firm cold 16 inch base. It is great fun to greet our old time friends and also many new guests. We understand that you return year after year because you enjoy the length of our well groomed trail system, its varied terrain, consistent snowfall and access to the wilderness. In the last couple years we have been able to set skate and classic tracks on 90% of our system. When you come in after a trek on the trails we love hearing that you had an amazing time.

We often get phone calls asking, “Do you have snow?" People seem to not believe that Stokely could have snow even after reading our daily trail report on our web-site or our Facebook and Instagram posts. When you see grass out your window, remember Stokely is in a different weather system that produces “lake affect snow”.

If you are wanting to make reservations don’t wait long, we are booking fast especially into February and March.

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