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Winter Continues With Force at Stokely

We started off slow with no snow. Then it was great until we got rain. Now it is snowing like crazy and our hopes are high. They say it is an El Nino winter which favors warmer than normal conditions. After the first couple weeks we weathered the warmer conditions and kept our skiers on the trails.

We love seeing our guests happy while enjoying their vacation. Happy guests truly describes the culture at Stokely. When guests arrive back from a morning of great exercise on the trails, there are animated conversations at lunch, while talking about and showing each other their routes on trail-map-placemats. They want to see where everyone's amazing adventures took them. Was it up King Mountain, all the way to Norms or around Walker and Evan Lakes and more? Our groomers work hard to keep the trails maintained and groomed, to the best they can be, with each days weather conditions.

We are planning, that with the snow on the ground, and with what is in the forecast, that you could enjoy the Stokely trails well into March. And if you haven't been out on your skis this winter, (because of NO snow in your area,) consider a visit in March. The end of winter skiing is like enjoying the icing on top of the cake. We have decided that if you make reservation now, for after the 7th of March, we will not take a downpayment until we know the trails are skiable, and will add a 25% discount off your stay. Thank you for forwarding our Blog to interested friends and family.

Have a Happy Valentines!

Gaylen and Susan Byker

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Feb 13

Is there lodging available now? Without reservation? If not do you recommend any off site accommodations? It’s been awhile since I have been to Stokely but always had a good time. Even met Jack Rabbits son………

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