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Alex is Going to Start Grooming

I will keep you updated on facebook, but right now Alex has 20 KM packed. There is snow in the forecast again for tonight. He hopes to groom the 12 KM tomorrow.

Join Stokely Creek Lodge in supporting the Algoma Highland Conservancy in their campaign to save the Hakon Lien trail. When the land went for sale we were so happy that the Conservancy was able to buy it to secure it for the benefit of Stokely's guests. The Hakon Lein trail is one of our favorites.

It is not long before the Lodge will be open for winter guests. With a portion of the trails open, Day Skiers please stop in the office to buy your season or day passes. Please call the office at 705-649-3421 for more information.

We are looking fore ward to a snowy winter and well groomed trails.

Gaylen and Susan Byker

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