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Stokely Events

Lake Superior Ice Caves

The New York Times travel list of 52 Places to visit in 2019 include Ice Caves on the shores of Lake Superior which is just north of Stokely. The ice caves emerge from the winds and waves that pound the north shore of Lake Superior.   In cold winters--with high winds and large waves--wave spray and produce wonderful ice formations, including impressive overhangs and caves.  Colors from minerals in the rocks can appear in the ice and add to the beauty and fascination.


The eastern shore of Lake Superior is far enough north to have extreme cold spells.  It also faces the strong prevailing southwest winds and the mighty waves they produce.  The extent and size of these formations vary greatly from year to year.  The waves and the freeze-thaw-freeze cycles are also constantly reshaping them during the season.


Two popular places to view the ice caves and other ice features in mid-to-late February and early March are Saw Pit Bay and Coppermine Point. These sites are a 40-minute drive from Stokely Creek Lodge which includes its own beautiful frozen water fall and ice cliffs. 

Stokely Creek Lodge arranges guided tours for its lodge guests. The trip is a 45 minute drive with 2 to 2.5 hours of snowshoeing along the shore and to the cliffs.  Snowshoes are available to rent. The cost will be $110 per person plus tax and gratuities. There is a minimum of $200.

* The caves stretch for miles along the shore line. They are not easy to get to because of private property and lack of parking. If you are not from the area it is best not to try to venture out on the ice without a guide who knows the spots and can arrange parking.


Snowshoe Fest Day

Beat the Mountain on Snowshoes!  

   Not Happening this year


This is the day to invite friends and family to snowshoe to the top of King Mountain. It is a challenge but the reward at the top is an expansive  view of the Algoma Highland stretching all the way to Lake Superior.  The fire will be on in the King Mountain hut and hot chocolate and snacks will be served while you enjoy the view and celebrate before your hike back down.  At the bottom our famous chili will be served and the bar will be open in the Day Skier's cabin.

All must check in at the Day Skier Cabin to receive a pass for the event.

The cost for this day packed full of fun and food:

** Free for overnight guests

** $20  for Stokely season pass holders.

** $25 for those needing a day pass

** children from 5 to 10 are $8

Time schedule:

9:00 am to 4:30  You can begin any time after 9:00 and all must return by 4:30. Chili will be served from 11:30 - 2:00 in the Day Skier Cabin. You can plan your day.....  Snowshoe and then eat (OR) eat and then snowshoe.


 Hut to Hut 
Not happening this year

This year's Hut to Hut will feature snowshoeing to Julies along meandering Stokely Creek trail stop and switch to skis. Then ski to Stokely Lake Cabin for lunch. Next snowshoe back to Julies  along the Beaver Dams and the Upper Falls to Julies Trail for your dessert. Your skis will be waiting for you at Julies to ski or continue  on snowshoes back to the lodge. Stay overnight with your friends or family during the spring break and enjoy the outing for the price of an overnight. Day skiers can join for $45. Please call for reservations. 



Ski the Lakes Events not happening this year

A trail will be groomed across Walker Lake.  Free for overnight guests. Day skiers can join for $25 which will include a packed lunch and s'mores around a fire and use of the groomed Walker Lake . Please make reservations



Date for Fat Biking at Stokely will be announced soon. Also free for an overnight stay and $25 for day skiers.


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