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Eat. Sleep. Ski.

Updated: Jan 23


We are excited about the new flavors on Stokely's menu this year. Mark Hyman in his new book called FOOD What the Heck Should I Cook? has given our chefs new inspiration. He says that chefs always need to make food that, looks good, tastes good, smells good and is good for you to eat. Meals bring people together that you love or people you’d like to get to know better, over tasty meals and inspiring conversations. Guests have told us that some of their bests friends are people they met at Stokely over a good meal. Sheila and Daniella are excited to announce they have added another chef, Chad Coombs, to their team. Chad is an award winning chef from The Sault.

Stokely offers regular and vegetarian meals. You need to let us know when you register what serious allergies you have, like shrimp, celiac, nuts or any other foods that will cause allergic reactions. 


Stokely Guests get amazing workouts on the trails. Skiing long distances to Norm's Cabin, up King Mountain or anywhere else on the trails system produces the best kind of exhaustion. It is the exhilarating kind that comes from spending a day in nature putting your muscles and endurance to test. Endorphins last through the evening as guests end their day socializing, playing ping-pong or reading a book by the fireplaces. And then comes the delicious sleepiness. Come visit us soon, and we promise you wonderful exhaustion - and a comfortable place to rest your head when sleep beckons.


We started the winter season with no snow - only the second time in the history of Stokely! Some guests pushed back their reservations, while others came and had a great time hiking and taking advantage of all the extra events we had planned. The trails are in great condition now, with plenty of snow and guests are having a wonderful time. 

Gaylen and I are enjoying being  back this winter to see old friends and to greet the new. 

Please help us spread the word to the next generation of X-country skiers and snowshoers that Stokely is a great place to enjoy meals over friendly conversations. It is a place to have an amazing day on the trails that rank in the top 5 in North America. And it is a comfortable place to rest your head so that you are ready to meet another day on the trails. Please forward this email to friends and family.

Susan and Gaylen

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Jon McHugh
Jon McHugh
Jan 23

Is the Canadian ski patrol cabin available.

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