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Stokely is Taking Winter Reservations

There are signs of fall at Stokely, with the landscape changing color, the weather getting cooler and the days getting shorter. This means it is time to make your reservations for your Stokely winter visit. We kept all the reservations that guests made as they left in 2020. We have been sending out emails asking guests to confirm reservations and make deposits for the 2021-22 season. On October 9, 2021 we will open up reservations to our waiting list and new guests. As you can imagine the office is very busy and asks for your patience. Someone is in the office Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 2:00.

It was good to get back to Stokely after 18 months of the US/Canada boarders being closed. At this point to enter Canada you need proof of vaccinations and a negative Covid test within 72 hours of entry. You will also need to have the Arrive Canada App on your phone and filled out. Entering is not hassle free but doable.

We all want Covid to be behind us, but as patrons and businesses, we are still dealing with many of the issues associated with this pandemic.

Stokely is ready to do what we do best—give you an amazing winter get-a-way where you can unwind your mind while you enjoy the snow, trails, food and camaraderie.

Check out our website for updates at . Call locally at 705-649-3421 or 866-stokely to make your reservations.

Please forward this newsletter to friends and family or any potential Stokely guest. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Looking forward to falling snow and seeing you all soon.

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