Current Conditions at Stokely: -8°C & scattered clouds
New Snow: 3 inch 7.5 cm Snow Base: 4 inches / 10 cm Snow Depth: 11 nches /27 cm

"Stokely Creek Ski Touring Centre offers everything from sheer Nordic bliss to wide-eyed excitement for cross-country ski enthusiasts bent on exploring the wilderness."

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Lodge Opens For Season This Friday

Dec.16, 2014

Our first overnight guests are scheduled to come in this Friday, which officially defines when Stokely Creek Lodge fully opens for another ski season. Much work has been done in the off season to ensure that our guests are completely satisfied when they pay us a visit.
It has been raining off and on today with a temperature of about 3.5 deg.C. The last few days of milder temperatures have dropped our snow on the ground to about 8 inches on average. Our snow base on the trails that we have previously rolled seems to be holding fairly steady at about 4 inches. Temperatures are supposed to start dropping this afternoon with about 7 cm of snow is in the forecast. This should give us enough to work with to get us back to skiing again. I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas. I’m expecting one!


Dec.2, 2014

My satisfaction was short lived (see previous blog). Turns out the screws that Richard got me were a little too short. To add salt to the wound he then said “I could use those screws for another project that I’ll be starting soon.” Is it any wonder that I feel like a screw that has been turned, if you know what I mean.
Meanwhile, it feels like we are in January right now. Our first overnight guests are due to arrive on Dec.19, which is just a little more than two weeks away. All screws are in place for what is shaping up to be another great cross country ski season!   

Retribution - Finally

Nov.27, 2014

Most regular skiers at Stokely have by now met our carpenter Richard. During the off season he is busy doing his thing building warming cabins, outhouses, replacing decks, staircases, etc. and etc. There is one thing in common with respect to his many projects - SCREWS! Long screws, short screws, self tapping screws, screws with rubber grommets, green screws, brown screws, gold screws, and red screws. I can’t begin to count the number of times Richard has come to me and said “I need some more screws.” Well, this morning, after seven years of screws I finally had a chance to get a little pay back.  I’m presently working on one of our groomers and I needed some special screws. Richard just so happened to be going into town and I seized the opportunity. “Richard, since you are going into town anyway, could you pick me up some screws?”  Totally satisfying!
That being said, the next time you are out at Stokely and enjoying one of our many facilities, I would like you to take a guess at how many screws went into that deck, or staircase, or warming cabin, etc.Then you will understand why Richard’s favorite expression is, “I need some more screws!”   

Power Outage

Nov.25, 2014

We experienced a 14 hour power outage in the Goulais area yesterday, which will explain why you couldn’t communicate with us if you were trying. My first thought was “better now that when we are into the skiing season.’”  I have to say that the local power company has been doing an excellent job in keeping the amps flowing, especially during bad winter storms. There has only been one serious power outage in the last 8 ski seasons, which is a pretty good track record in my books. 


Nov.18, 2014

There is one thing about memory. The older you get, the more likely it is that you will have trouble recollecting things. It is kind of like an overloaded hard drive. So all I can say is that as far back as I can remember in my three score and five years, I cannot recall winter arriving to stay this early. Sure, I can remember years when we had a few inches of snow in October and November that hung around into December, but never this amount accompanied with winter temperatures. It is predicted that the temperatures will stay below freezing going into December, so it looks like it will shape up to be another banner year for cross country skiing. With 14 inches of snow presently on the ground we will begin rolling some of our inner trails today.

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