Current Conditions at Stokely: -14°C & mostly cloudy
New Snow: 6 inches / 15 cm Snow Base: 17 inches / 42 cm Snow Depth: 50 inches/125 cm

"Stokely Creek Ski Touring Centre offers everything from sheer Nordic bliss to wide-eyed excitement for cross-country ski enthusiasts bent on exploring the wilderness."

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It Keeps Snowing

March 3, 2015

You may think winter is over but it keeps snowing at Stokely. The trails are groomed.This is a view from our windows. There are a few rooms left and you can end the winter on the trails snowshoeing and skiing. The snow it white and fresh.

Getting food to Stokely

March 2nd, 2015

Every Monday we patiently await a call from our delivery man to let us know that he will be arriving in 30 minutes. When we get the call our outside guys get the snow machines and sleds ready with blankets to meet him in the parking lot. (The blankets are used to put over produce so that it does not freeze on the way in). Most orders are so big they take more than 2 trips to get to the lodge.

Once at the lodge, kitchen staff meets the outside guys at the staff entrance and they work together to haul all of the yummy ingredients into the kitchen.

This photo shows Richard and Tristan with part of today’s order. Upon seeing Richard drive up to the lodge with a sleigh piled high with boxes, some of us couldn’t help but think he looked like “the Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, but rather than having presents in the sleigh, he has the gift of food.


March 1, 2015

Much like last winter, Lake Superior is now 95% frozen. It has only been 100% frozen one time since 1973, that was in the winter of 1996. As of February 28th, 2015, the total ice cover on all 5 of the Great Lakes is 89%. The highest recorded total of ice cover on all the lakes combined is 94.8% in 1994.

Stokely Creek Lodge is located just 5 minutes from the shores of this beautiful lake and is a great point of departure. The ice formations and caves along the shores of Lake Superior create a breathtaking scenery in the winter months.

This photo was taken on February 27th, just 30 minutes north of Stokely Creek Lodge, at Pancake Bay Provincial Park. The sunshine and (slightly) warmer temperatures made for a great day out there!

When you visit Stokely Creek Lodge, don’t forget our neighbouring lake that we are so lucky to be so close to! When you ski the Belleau Lake Trail, be sure to take in the views of Lake Superior in the distance and marvel at its enormity. Or climb to the top of one of our lookouts on the trails and take in the breathtaking scenery of the lake and Superior Coastal Highlands.

Hut-to-Hut #2

February 28th, 2015

With temperatures around -30, our brave group of 25 participants, staff and volunteers are getting geared up to go on the 2nd Hut-to-Hut event of the season.

This event has the group skiing to the Walker Lake Cabin, where they will be served a snack. Then heading on to the Stokely Lake Cabin on snowshoes going along the Stokely Creek, past the Upper Stokely Falls and the Beaver Ponds. A hot lunch will be served at the Stokely Lake Cabin after which participants will switch back onto their skis to head back to the lodge.

This event fills up quickly because of the limited amount of spots available. We will be sure to have Hut-to-Hut events again next year so keep an eye out on our events page for more information on how to register next season!

Call Now! Wabos Loppet Surprise!

Feb.24, 2015

A small miracle occurred, but I won’t bore you with the details. There is now available a limited number of extra tickets for the ACR Snow Train. For those many disappointed skiers out there that missed the registration cut off the first go round, this is your chance. We have until Friday to confirm those seats, so if you are still interested you need to call and register NOW! 

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