Current Conditions at Stokely: -15°C & partly cloudy
New Snow: 3 inches / 7.5cm Snow Base: 13 inches / 32 cm Snow Depth: 41 inches102.5 cm

"Stokely Creek Ski Touring Centre offers everything from sheer Nordic bliss to wide-eyed excitement for cross-country ski enthusiasts bent on exploring the wilderness."

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Already Looking Forward to Next Year’s Snowshoe Fest

Many snowshoed to the top of King Mountain, but the trails along the creeks and past waterfalls are just as amazing. Stokely have over 25 km of designated snowshoe trails. They go along creeks, past waterfalls and through snow-covered forests. All these trails give you a unique wilderness experience, that can only happen when you drive away from the city. At Stokely you follow a peaceful path through the woods where you only hear the sounds of nature.

The 2015 Snowshoe Fest was a Huge Success

It was a perfect day for snowshoeing and 175 people attended Stokley’s 5th annual snowshoe fest. Many made the trek to the top of King Mt for the views and Chili lunch. Pictured are a group of friends from the Sault who had just come back from their outing on the trails. Happy faces but maybe a few sore muscles this evening. This fun event would not happen without the help of several volunteers. Stokely especially thanks Bob Yankus for all his hard work planning the event and his friends who volunteer.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Stokely’s Annual Snowshoe Fest

Traditional camping enthusiasts Mark and Cheryl will be setting up a Prospector Tent at the Snowshoe Fest this year.
The tent will be set-up Friday afternoon to Sunday morning at the start of the King Mountain Trail; Letter E.
Snowshoe Fest participants will enjoy their cozy tent and lodge guests will have the chance to meet with Mark & Cheryl.
Wool, leather and canvas lovers will not want to miss this opportunity!


Jan.23, 2015

Sooo, getting back to the two ladies that did come this year (Leeanna and Judy). I bumped into them the other day in the afternoon as they were entering the lodge. They had towels in their hands and told me that they were heading to the sauna after a very hard ski. Being a bit skeptical of how hard their ski really was (I’ve got to know them quite well over the years), I informed them of our new sauna policy - “one free minute for every kilometer skied. After that, $5 per minute.” Unfortunately they have also gotten to know me over the years and they didn’t believe me for a second. Then again, it would make for an interesting policy. What a great incentive to put in a few extra K’s!

Sharron, Where Are You?

Jan.22, 2015

A few years ago I wrote a blog that included 3 great ladies that come here every year for a week - Leeanna, Judy, and Sharron. My wife calls them “spirit sisters” because there are obvious similarities when her sisters gang together (usually against me).  Only two showed up this year: Leeanna and Judy. Sharron, Sharron, Sharron, what would entice you to go south instead of north this year? I will fully expect by next year that you will have recovered from the heat that has obviously overtaken you and see you back at Stokely. You will be singing “Going to Take a Sentimental Journey” and the line that will be stuck in your mind will be “Why did I decide to roam?” We missed you this year Sharron! See you in 2016.

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