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Picture it. You've just come past a small pond, and you're re-entering a sliver of forest as you climb a small hill. Then you curve left and suddenly the world opens up. You're on the bridge at the bottom edge of Walker Lake looking out over the ice and snow that covers the lake and the forest and mountains all around.

Or you've snowshoed to the Frozen Waterfall off the Peterson to find out what wondrous ice sculptures it's created this year.

Or you've just made the epic ski to Norm's cabin. Or you're at King Mountain cabin looking out over Lake Superior. Or do you prefer the view of Lake Superior as you fly down the hill from Belleau Lake?

During Christmas at Stokely with the family, we talked one night about which places on the trail system are so wonderful we think about them year round. That gave us the idea of officially designating the Seven Wonders of Stokely Creek - and you get to decide what they are. So please email your favorites and we'll tally up the votes. You can put forth a single wonder, or tell us what all 7 of your favorites are. We want to know about the places in our trail system where you stop and your heart grabs for a moment at the sheer joy of being there. (And yes, it's okay to nominate a trail outhouse if that's what brings you joy while skiing!) Thanks in advance for voting!

To vote email using title 7 Wonders

Forward blog to friends and family.

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