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Stokely and Omicron

All of us at Stokely wish you the very best holiday season. And we hope for a better New Year. Way back in September, it became a big debate whether we should open Stokely this season. We wondered how many years a small business could stay closed without being permanently closed, and we concluded that, with the border open, we could navigate the appropriate safety measures to have a successful season.

With the decision to welcome guests this winter, we want you to know all the precautions we have taken to make your stay safe. We are following the Algoma Health Department regulations and the Ontario laws.

  1. All guests must show proof of vacination.

  2. All Americans crossing the board must show proof of negative PCR test

  3. We will only be able to use 50% capacity in our dining room so there are three other areas setup for overflow.

  4. We have a quarantine plan

  5. Guests must wear a mask in public areas unless you are sitting to eat.

The trails are ready and we hope you will continue to enjoy the 100 km of groomed trails during the day. You will still be able to gather with your group of friends and family around the meals.

You will find many Inuksuk statues scattered throughout the Lodge. Inuksuk statues were used as directional markers in countries and cultures around the world, from Scotland to the Canadian and Russian Arctic. They were often used to point the way home and represent a symbol of hope, love and safety. We want you to have a safe return to Stokely.

Best Wishes

Gaylen, Susan and the Stokely Staff

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1 Comment

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones
Dec 27, 2021

So very pleased you are open. It does remind us all what a terrific facility you all have created. I look forward to being there in 2022. Kindly. Jeff Jones

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