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It will be a Different Kind of Winter

Time is so strange in this pandemic. The days seem to crawl by, and BOOM, the holidays are upon us. This is the first time in many years we won't be spending them at Stokely, skiing through the woods with our children and grandchildren, and then returning cold and hungry to a warm fire and a delicious home-cooked meal. Our grandchildren can't quite believe that their Grandpa won't be setting off his amazing fireworks on New Year's Eve at "Stokely's midnight" (9:00 pm). And they will miss the ever-present hot chocolate with marshmallows.

We will miss that -- and all of you -- immensely. Holiday gatherings with family and friends will probably not be the same as in past years for any of us.

What a year it has been! Looking forward to a happier new year.

We have gotten many questions from Stokely enthusiasts about what it means that we are closed for the winter. We're sorry to have to say that closed means closed. We considered and agonized over a variety of possibilities, but in the end concluded that because of covid restrictions, there was no prudent and feasible way to open the Lodge and trails this winter season.

For the first time since the Petersons open Stokely over 42 years ago, the ski and snowshoe trails will not be opened, even for those willing to break their own trails. We will be doing no grooming, or trail maintenance. That means our groomers will not be out daily checking for deadfall, which normally keep the wilderness trails open and safe. There will not be staff on duty taking calls for rescue. The lodge and all surrounding buildings will be closed. The huts will not be supplied. The parking lot will not be plowed. Signs have been posted as a reminder that there is no access to the Stokely trails. The office will be closed with Kim checking emails and phone messages weekly and Richard checking on the grounds and buildings daily. If you have any questions or concerns please email at or call 866-stokely.

(The Algoma Highlands Conservancy has posted on Instagram that Norm's Cabin will be open for experienced backcountry skiers only. You must call the Conservancy for information about assess, routes and emergencies.)


The Stokely team is looking forward with great anticipations to the winter of 2021-22. We know you are also. Your reservations are in the books and will be saved and reviewed in the new year.

Keep this picture in mind as you look forward to 2021-22

We will keep posting updates on facebook and instagram.

This year brought challenges, but we hope it also brought you joy to celebrate in this very different kind of holiday season. Stay safe, stay well. And stay in shape so you can enjoy the trails next year!

With great fondness from our family to yours,

The Byker family and Stokely staff.

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2 comentarios

Alex Fournier
18 dic 2020

thanks for the update...nice to know where everything is at...hope all works out..lots of nice places around, but Stokely is the best I've seen..

Me gusta

Olli Lamminen
Olli Lamminen
18 dic 2020

I surely hope that Stokely Creek Lodge will overcome the COVID created issues. The cross country Ski Center in all of North America deserves bright future.

Me gusta
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