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Internet is down

Stokely’s internet is down until at least Wednesday. So calling is the only way to reach the office. Because of our remote location getting internet is complicated. When it works it is great, but when it is down, that is it until it can be repaired. Thankfully that does not happen often. It will be out until at least Wednesday before a new piece of equipment can be delivered and installed.

While they are frustrated in the office, trail conditions are great. With a great base and dead fall cleared for the 3rd time this fall, trails are ready to be opened by this weekend. The central core and more are ready. And It is snowing outside.

We are looking forward to a full house over the holidays with fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Always room to add more for dinner so call to make a reservation.

1-866-stokely or 705-649-3421

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