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95% of Stokely's trails are classic and skate but, this is classic only, at its best..

We hope that as you glided through the snow-covered forests on Stokely's abundance of trails this winter you felt like you reached out and touched winter. You were surrounded by beautiful scenery during the day and old and new friends at the dinning table in the evening.

Our two daughters and their husbands and our 4 grandchildren have a passion for keeping Stokely alive. We know our guests who have been returning year after year share that passion. Thank you for your encouragement and for being our guests.

This Fall we are planning to switch to a new reservation system. NOTE, all returning guests who reserved as they departed or called, have their rooms reserved. You will get a reminder for payment email in September. Those guests will be able to call the office and make their payments in September. Around the middle of October we will open the remainder of the rooms on line. But you can always call to make your reservations if prefer that instead of booking on line.

The Stokely Staff wishes you the best and hopes to see again soon.

Gaylen and Susan and family

Enjoy this 35 year old Stokely advertisement.

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