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We count it a privilege to be ranked in USA TODAY's 10Best Cross Country Ski Resorts in North America in 2019. We are glad that our guest and friends took the competition so seriously that they voted us into the top 5.


We work diligently so that every trail is well-groomed, every fireplace is welcoming and every guest is more than pleased. We appreciate the recognition for the hard work of the staff. 

The 52 Places  The New York TimesHeading 6


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Each year The New York Times Travel Section prints a feature on the 52 Places travelers should go. In 2019, writer Sebastian Modak, visited and reviewed each destination on the list.

Stokely Creek Lodge, the Ice Sculptures and Gaylen Byker were featured in the ariticle. The place to visit was the Lake Superior Ice Sculptures and Stokely Creek offered the accommodations and transportation.

Look at the event page for tour dates. 

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The December 2019 Northern Algoma Travel Magazine host a fun article about

writer and photographer Martin Lortz's first trip to Stokely Creek. 

He writes "Recently, the lodge was voted the fifth and best Nordic ski resort in North America by USA Today. Spend a day here or a few, and you will doubt not the worthiness of such high praise-well you know, once you get beyond the parking lot, that is. 

Read Martin's article to understand the reference to the parking lot.

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