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Stokely's Snowy Playground--season's finale

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Join the fun and ski or snowshoe with lunch at Norm's or a Stokely gourmet bagged lunch to take to any Cabin on snowshoes.

It feels like the middle of winter since a blizzard dumped a pile of snow on the region yesterday. This winter has flown by so quickly. Each day was a unique day to be on skis or snowshoes deep in the wilderness on endless secluded trails. The groomers, those who make and served your meals, clean your rooms or portage your luggage helped to meet your expectations of a perfect vacation.

What is left before the end of 2018-2019 winter season?

1st) Tour De Trails on March 2 is a day packed full of fun. See events at for all the details. You must make reservations by calling

705-649-3421 or 866-786-5359

2nd) Ice cave tours of phenomenal caves and formations are just up the road on Lake Superior. They are at there peak and Stokely is providing tours. The New York Times listed them as one of 52 must see places to visit in 2019. Check out details at

3rd ) End of season discounts are $140 a person for any room March 10 to 16th. Easy to add a snow cave tour to your stay.

The Ice Caves are a dramatic sight.

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