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stokely Cabins and Outhouses

Stokely Lake Cabin is one of six warming cabins

A view from the adjacent outhouse window.

With 100km of ski trails covering 12,000 acres, guests are happy there are outhouses and warming cabins along the way. Each cabin or outhouse was designed, built or remodeled by Stokely's master builder Richard Kargl. Richard has been working at Stokely for 15 years and loves building and creating new structures.

The six cabins are strategically placed along the trails. King Mt Cabin sits on top of the mountain with wide views of Lake Superior. Sam Lake cabin is on top of another hill with views of Sam Lake. In the center of the system, Walker Lake and Stokely Lake cabins are nestled in the woods right off the trail. Hakon Lien is a welcome site on the long Hakon Lien trail.

Norm’s Cabin is named after the late Norm Bourgeois who welcomed thousands of Stokely guests into his fishing cabin for tea and cookies. Many guests still talk about the good old days visiting with Norm. His old place was getting run down so the Algoma Highlands Conservancy rebuilt it and still welcomes guests for tea and cookies.

Those that love to be on the trails all day carry a tasty bagged lunch prepared by the Stokely kitchen. They stop along the way in the nearest cabin to take a break to eat and get warmed.

Cabins and Outhouse along the 100 km of Skate and Classic Trails

You will find these and more along the ski trails before you return back to the lodge for your warm accommodations and homemade meals.

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