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Protocol to enter Canada

To enter Canada for non-essential purposes, Americans (12 and older) must present both proof of vaccination and a negative coronavirus test (such as a PCR test) taken within 72 hours of their scheduled arrival time. A Rapid antigen test is not accepted. Alway ask if your test is accepted for international travel. We have called our local pharmacy and set up a testing time which fits with our travel plans. Our test result comes back in an hour and has been free. Do your research now. Travelers who have recovered from covid-19 can instead provide proof of a positive test taken between 14 and 180 days prior. When it comes to taking your molecular test, make sure you don’t cut it close with that 72-hour timing; you could end up paying for a replacement test if yours is invalid by even 10 minutes.

Two other essentials are your original proof of vaccinations and the ArriveCAN app. Travelers must upload photographic proof up to 72 hours to the app before departure. ArriveCAN will also have travelers answer questions to make the customs process easier, as well as create a backup plan in the event they are not approved for Canada’s quarantine exemption. If necessary you will be able to quarantine at Stokely. The app is very straightforward, very simple and easy to use.

We understand that only proof of vaccinations is needed for U.S. citizen to re-enter the U.S .by land. To re-enter if flying you will need a negative covid test.

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Gaylen, Susan and our Stokely staff

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Scott Schaedel
Scott Schaedel
Nov 10, 2021

I'll be away from home during the 3 day test period. I'd like to get tested in Michigan just before crossing over. I see Walgreens (does not offer a QR code) and a hospital in Sault Ste. Marie.. Is anyone doing the same?

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