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One of my Favorite Views

View of Walker Lake from the bridge

When skiing the Stokely trails, I often think about which spots have my favorite views. There are too many to count – the expanse of forest stretching down to Lake Superior from the King Mountain cabin; pristine Bone Lake as seen from Norm’s; the creek flowing under and around the ice alongside the trail on Eva’s Way. But when I looked back at all our family photos from almost 40 years of skiing at Stokely, I realized that the spot where we may have taken the most pictures is the bridge at the bottom of Walker Lake.

It’s hard to  beat that view. It can feel moody and brooding on a snowy day when the lakes and the hills are a thousand shades of white and gray. On a sunny day, that wide span of glistening snowy lake is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. And I know I’m not alone in loving the view. In a recent conversation with guests, everyone knew exactly the spot, and most said they’d taken pictures there. Here are a few of the photos guests took on the bridge in recent days.

I would love to see photos of your favorite view on the Stokely trails. You can send them to . I am always looking for great photos to post on Instagram and Facebook. Help spread the word by forwarding this blog to friends and family.

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