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New York Times lists Lake Superior Ice Caves as a must visit.

Lake Superior is far north and in cold winters, extreme temperatures, strong winds and the mighty waves, create wonderful formations and huge ice caves. The waves and the changing temperatures are constantly reshaping the ice. Colorful minerals in the rocks add to the beauty of the overhangs and formations.

The best place to visit the ice caves is Saw Pit Bay, located just 10 minutes north of the entrance to Pancake Bay Provincial Park on Route 17 between Sault Ste Marie and Wawa, Ontario. The best time depending on weather is mid-February to early March. You can call Stokely for directions and updates of the formations.

Stokely Creek Lodge is a 40 miles drive to the Superior ice caves. Stay at Stokely's all inclusive resort and take a day trip to enjoy the beauty of the ice formations. Stokely’s 100 km or ski and 25km of snowshoe trails also pass along major ice cliffs and frozen water falls. listed Stokely as one of the 5 great cross-country ski resorts to visit in North America.


These are pictures of the Ice Caves located on Lake Superior.

Stokely Ice Cliffs Stokely Stokely

Stokely Creek Ice cliffs

Lake Superior Ice Cave

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