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It takes 8 hours and 2 groomers to prepare the Stokely Ski & Skate Trails

The Groomers head out by 7am to perfect the trails

Alex Lapansee met Chuck Peterson (the original owner of Stokely) when he was around 17. He started working at Stokely doing odd jobs. He soon began to learn how to groom and maintain the grooming machines.

30 year later, the grooming garage is his domain. Alex repairs the machines and keeps the trails groomed and our skiers love it. He helps build the culverts and stocks the wood garages during the off season. Jonathan or Richard help groom the trail system.

Alex has been working at Stokely since he was a teenager.

Alex knows the trail system, the animal tracks and crossings blindfolded. Stokely is grateful for his years of dedicated service and you can remember him as you ski the trails or get warmth from the fireplaces.

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1 comentário

gary oak
gary oak
07 de jan. de 2019

Yes and I have known him all these years. And have skied his beautiful trails for 30 years! GREAT guy. Stokely is lucky to have him. Gary Oak

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