"Stokely Creek Ski Touring Centre offers everything from sheer Nordic bliss to wide-eyed excitement for cross-country ski enthusiasts bent on exploring the wilderness."

Partnership with Algoma Highlands Conservancy

Stokely Creek Lodge has partnered with the Algoma Highlands Conservancy in an effort to preserve the natural wonderland that surrounds Stokely Creek Lodge. The AHC is currently fundraising to purchase more of this beautiful land so that it can be preserved and enjoyed by generations to come. Stokely Creek Lodge is owned by the Byker and Byker Phair families and they have generously offered to match any private donations that are made to the AHC.

The ultimate goal of the conservancy is not only to preserve the unique beauty of this area but also to create a sustainable forest sanctuary that provides a wide range of recreational opportunities. The 120-kilometer trail system will be maintained and improved for not only skiers, in the winter, but hikers and other activities the rest of the year. Many Stokely skiers have commented about the wonderful serenity of the trails. Conservation of the serenity, ecological integrity and natural beauty of this area, for silent sport enthusiasts and naturalists alike is a primary focus of the Algoma Highlands Conservancy.

The Byker and Byker Phair families invite you to do your part to preserve this gorgeous land for future generations to enjoy. To learn more about the Algoma Highlands Conservancy and its objectives or to make a donation to the Legacy Lands Campaign that will help us to achieve our mutual goal of conserving a 2600 acre parcel of land around Stokely Creek Lodge and King Mountain, please visit the conservancy website at http://www.algomahighlandsconservancy.org