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Open for Skiing Starting Saturday

Dec.5, 2008

Over 8 inches of snow last night has given us lots to work with. We are concentrating on rolling the core portion of our trail system today, and then allow it to tighten up overnight. Tomorrow morning we will begin tracking the rolled sections. Skiing officially begins at Stokely Creek Lodge Saturday, Dec.6.

Ski Trails

Dec.4, 2008

With over 16 inches of snow fall over the last 2 weeks, and an actual snow depth on the ground of 9 inches, we will now be able to start rolling the inner core of our ski trail system tomorrow. By the end of the day we should have about 20 kms of ski trail rolled and tracked for the weekend. There have already been a few skiers out breaking their own trail as they take in the splendor of Stokely Creek after a new snowfall.

WINTER 2008-2009

December 3, 2008

It is presently snowing at Stokely Creek Lodge. With cooler temperatures predicted for the remainder of the week, things are shaping up quite nicely for a great cross country skiing season. With 8” of snow on the ground, and more on the way, we should be able to start packing some of our trails in the next few days, and setting a track shortly after.

We managed to accomplish all of the projected upgrades on our trail system. This included bridge repairs and replacement, stump removal, ditching, culvert installations, grading and brushing of trails and the opening up of old trails that had not been groomed for some time. I am personally excited about the improved Frozen Waterfall trail and expect this to become a real favourite for Stokely skiers.

From this point on, you can expect the Manager’s Blog to be updated on a regular basis.


Snowshoe Trails


We are still working on upgrading and brushing our ski trails, and will continue to do so until permanent snow arrives - which I expect to be soon. Our two new snowshoe trails are nearing completion. Bob Yankus and Lucy Gagnon have done another great job in navigating these trails through the ridges, hills, and streams of Stokely so that snowshoers will see some of the “hidden nuggets” that the skiers don’t get to. The trail going up to the top of King Mountain should be a snowshoers delight. These two new trails will be a nice complement to the two snowshoe trails that we already have in place. Many thanks to Bob and Lucy for all of the hard work that went into making these trails a reality!


October 24, 2008

Many Americans are not aware that the difference between the American
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in favour of the American dollar.  At present the American dollar is worth  
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reduction in the cost of your stay at Stokely Creek Lodge

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