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It is An Eventful Time at Stokely

All ages have made it to the top of King Mountain . Pictured are Eva ( Eva's Way) and Bas (Bas Bypass)

As Stokely heads into the busiest time of the winter season, the snow is deep, and all the trails are grooming up well everyday.

To be environmentally friendly Stokely is going paperless for trails maps. We got the idea from watching guests who took photos of the map. They say it works perfectly to use the phone since you can enlarge the part of the map you want to see as you are on the trails. So if you want a map besides the one at every intersection on the trails, take a photo of our map. Remember to keep your phone in a warm pocket.

Stokely's creative staff keeps looking for ways to be more efficient. Returning chefs Yvette and James and two new chefs Dan and Shiela work carefully with the menus to have less waste at the end of the day. They are serving a bit smaller portions with an option for seconds. Don't worry, no one ever goes away hungry at Stokely. The chefs love to prepare home cooked meals that you will enjoy around a table with friends. Homemade desserts right out of the oven is a perfect way to end a meal.

Up-coming Events:

1. Snow Fest - Beat King Mountain

Dates: Saturday, Jan. 25 or Sunday, Jan. 26.

Watch the fun video on our home page

2. Super Bowl Hut-to-Hut

February 1, 2020

3. Wine Tasting

February 15, 2020

Our guest rooms are all booked, but you can still reserve for the wine tasting and dinner.

If you are an overnight guest please call if you would like to reserve for the wine tasting.

Look at our website under Ice Caves and Events to find more details on all the above events.

If you have read all the way to here, I have one more important idea to share. Since word of mouth has been Stokely's best way to bring in new guests, please share this blog by just forwarding the email. You will be using a wonderful tool to spread the word with friends and family.

King Mountain Hut

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1 Comment

Jan 19, 2020

Can’t wait to get there this weekend! I shared the blog to my fellow XC ski friends! Thank you.

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