"The natural scenery -- more than 12 square miles of it -- is varied and always exciting. Around some curves, skiers will find a cold creek. Other areas are known for hills or lakes that seem like they're in the middle of nowhere."
- Ron Bergin, publisher of Cross Country Skier magazine

Stokely Creek Lodge has the perfect variety of terrain for the fastest growing winter sport in North America. Snowshoe on Stokely’s peaceful wilderness trails around pristine lakes, along babbling creeks, and beneath majestic frozen waterfalls. Go quietly and you might share the trail with moose, otters, peregrine falcons, pileated woodpeckers, and white tail deer.

In January 2010 Stokely held its first annual Snowshoe Fest. It was a major success with over 200 guests participating. Many snowshoers made it all the way to King Mountain where they were served hot chili for lunch.  See our events page for more info on this year’s Fest. Read on for details about our snowshoe trails.

OTTER’S TRAIL (2 km out and back): This fun and easy trail features many twists and turns that wind along Stokely Creek and past the beautiful Stokely Falls in a tight protected forest.

LUCIE’S MUKLUKS LOOP (1 km loop): This enjoyable little loop follows along a ridge through a forest containing a tight mixture of conifers. It contains numerous ups and downs. From this loop you can access the Cedar Cliff Loop, Creekside Trail, and King Mountain Trail.

CREEKSIDE TRAIL (10 km round trip from Lodge): This unique trail is nestled in an open forest between Strokely Creek and a tall ridge. It is mainly flat with a few ups and downs. Your adventure will feature two waterfalls and an active beaver pond and will take you all the way to Stokely Lake. Creekside Trail also provides access to the King Mountain Trail.

KING MOUNTAIN TRAIL (15 km round trip from Lodge): This is our most strenuous and demanding snowshoe adventure, and it’s worth every step. Plan a minimum of 2-4 hours round trip. First you will snowshoe to the cabin at King Mountain’s West Peak. Next you’re off to the North View followed by the Firetower Summit. You’ll take the Frozen Waterfall Trail onto several more lookout points, including the amazing South View.

New this year…PEREGRINE PASS (2.5 km connector): This trail connects the Stokely Lake Cabin and the King Mountain Trail. Allow approximately one hour to snowshoe this connection. From the Stokely Lake Cabin this new trail gently rises 400 feet ending at the ice cliffs of the Frozen Waterfall Ski Trail. A great option would be to pack your snowshoes and ski out to the Stokely Lake Cabin. From there you can snowshoe to the South View of the King Mountain Trail in about an hour and a half. There are also numerous backcountry snowshoeing and skiing options from the Stokely Lake Cabin. You can go adventuring to Lonesome Beaver Pond, climb the 1800 foot elevation up Lonesome Beaver Mountain, loop around the mountain, or do the perimeter of Stokely Lake. We’re so excited about all the options we’re planning a Stokely Lake Cabin Adventure Weekend with guided backcountry snowshoe and ski tours of the surrounding attractions.

Do you know about…THE VOYAGEUR TRAIL? It’s a hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing trail that runs from Sudbury to Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario. It traverses private and public land and is maintained by an organization of volunteers known as the Voyageur Trail Association. And it runs right through Stokely Creek’s trail system! Hop on the Voyageur Trail where it intersects Creekside Trail and bypass King Mountain for a gentler route to the Fire Tower lookout.