"The natural scenery -- more than 12 square miles of it -- is varied and always exciting. Around some curves, skiers will find a cold creek. Other areas are known for hills or lakes that seem like they're in the middle of nowhere."
- Ron Bergin, publisher of Cross Country Skier magazine

Trail Conditions for 02-24-2017

All is good. Skiers are having a great time. More snow in the forecast with groomers going out after our warm spell. If you do not have snow come on up to Stokely. Will keep you informed about trail conditions. I always get reports from guests.

Trail Conditions for 02-23-2017

Today we want to groom but need to hold off a day. It rained last night so things are not perfect out there. But 6 to 9 inches predicted in the next few days.

Trail Conditions for 02-21-2017

We had light rain this morning but that really did not affect our base. Skate skiing was amazing today with classic not quite as good. Groomers are staying off the trails until the snow hits again in a couple days.