It's been a busy summer at Stokely, with a lot of improvements we know you'll enjoy this winter. But before we get to them, let's talk about the fall.

Autumn Getaway

If you've only visited Stokely in the winter, you have no idea how spectacular fall color is in our woods. This year, we've planned a special fall weekend on October 5 - 7, a perfect time for long walks, kayaking, biking and relaxing. It's the perfect opportunity to see the ski trails you know so well in a completely different context. The total price for the whole weekend is only $180 per person (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.)

A highlight of the weekend, for those who are interested, will be a photography workshop with James Smedley, an award-winning photojournalist and outdoor photographer. For nature lovers and photo enthusiasts this is a great opportunity to hone your skills and learn from one of the best. His easygoing nature and passion for his work make him an excellent teacher. The workshop will be held all day Saturday and Sunday morning including a final lunch meeting with James. The workshop is only an additional $150; it's a steal!

New Construction

Richard Kargl, the carpenter responsible for last year's expansion of the lodge, just keeps building. This summer he made a beautiful wooden staircase to the waterfalls, which makes getting to them a breeze. Besides providing a spectacular vantage point to watch water cascade over the falls, the stairs will also help keep the bank from eroding. Richard also completely renovated the Walker Lake hut, built a new outhouse for travelers there, stocked all the trail huts with kindling, and built a huge new ski rack alongside the lodge. Remember how, after a long day of skiing, you often stuck your skis in a snow bank or leaned them against the wall at the lodge? Richard's new rack provides a much better option, and it's really a work of art. Being true to his craft, he even used wooden pegs instead of bolts in the construction. We are so glad to have a master craftsman like him working for Stokely.


Have you ever wondered what the winter staff at Stokely does during the off-season? Well, our ski instructor Jonathan Reinke owns a summer landscaping business, and this year he used his skills to transform the area outside the Stokely dining room. Now, in addition to the bird feeders, there is a beautiful, lush green lawn that makes a perfect spot for a picnic, a wedding reception, or just lazing with a book on a fall weekend.


We now have one of the most extensive and spectacular networks of snowshoe trails in North America, and Bob Yankus and Lucie Gagnon just keep making it better. This summer, they focused on new snowshoe trails around Walker Lake. Bob is also updating our trail maps.


We have a busy schedule of events for the coming season, which you can find on our website, including a Snowshoe Festival in January, a Super Bowl weekend hut-to-hut ski in early February, and the Wapos Loppet in March. We'll have a number of specials again this year, including the popular women's getaway. But don't get left out by booking too late. Many people made their reservations last year as they left, so we have a lot of bookings already in place. If you are set on coming for specific dates (especially around holidays) we'd advise you to call as soon as possible.

A note from the Owners

The best news of all is that the logging has now been concluded at Stokely, and won't resume for many years. Alex and Conrad have been out with the excavator getting the trails in perfect condition, especially where logging happened, and are pleased with the results. Meanwhile, Jamie and Alex have been attending to our grooming equipment. This year's skiing should be better than ever, and we can't wait to see you this coming season!

Waterfall staircase, constructed by Richard Kargl