"It doesn't hurt to come to a meal with an appetite. With Stokely's world class Nordic ski trails and new network of snowshoe trails, a healthy appetite comes with the territory."
James Smedley Outdoors, award winning writer and photographer

For overnight guests, all meals are included with your stay, dinner on arrival and breakfast on departure. Lunch is also included on all days in between arrival and departure. Hors d'oeuvres before dinner, and tea, coffee and refreshments served all day in the lodge. Pull up a chair and take in the wonderful company of new and old friends.

Dine at Stokely Anytime

Stokely has a bar, well supplied with wine, beer and mixed drinks. If you bring your own wine there is a $7.00 corking fee. Under Canadian liquor license rules, you can not bring your own beer.

Stokely Creek Lodge dining room is open to the public. Stokely Creek's candle light dinner have an international reputation for excellence. Why not give this delightful dining experience a try! Hors 'doeuvres are also served before dinner. Lunch will also be open to the public.

Breakfast: $12.00 + tax and gratuity

Lunch: $15.00 + tax and gratuity

Dinner: $33.00 + tax and gratuity

Please call a few days ahead to make a reservation at 705-649-3421.