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Trail Improvements


Greetings to all of the Stokely faithfull and to all cross country skiers and
snowshoe enthusiasts everywhere. 

Much has been going on at Stokely during the off season, so I’d like
to bring you up to date on some of the improvements that we have been
working on over the last several months.

As those who have skied here well know, our trail system is not only
extensive, but also goes through some very rough terrain. By the time  
November arrives, we will have had an excavator working for about 3  
months on improving our trail system. This machine has been busy  
removing boulders and stumps, smoothing out rough spots, ditching where  
possible, re-opening some old trails, and installing over 40 culverts of  
various sizes in those stubborn areas that just won’t freeze in the winter  
time. We have also re-decked 3 bridges and installed one new one. Here are  
some of the specifics:

  1. The Lower Dustin trail has been smoothed out and brushed, and offers a   nice alternative back to the Lodge for those who have been skiing the   western part of our trail system.
  2. Improvements on the Lower Walker trail and the Monroe cut - off, as   well as re-decking the bridge at Walker Lake.
  3. Julie’s Trail has been opened up again and is much improved. If you have never skied this trail, give it a try. It’s short, but sweet!
  4. The East Sayer Creek Trail has been much improved. Some very bad rough spots have been smoothed out, along with new decking on one bridge.
  5. Interlochen Trail is improved.
  6. Pyykonen’s Pass has been re-opened again. This took a lot of work with the excavator, but was well worth it. It is a “must ski” if you are up in that neck of the woods.
  7. The King Mountain trail has also been much improved upon with several much needed culverts installed in those wet areas.
  8. We fully intend on consistently grooming the Frozen Waterfall Trail this year. We have worked on about half the trail so far, and will be getting to   the other half soon. This will be just a gorgeous trail to ski, and am   confident that this will become one of Stokely’s favourites.
  9. The King Mountain West Peak trail is a real challenge. The excavator   will be starting work there this week. Two major modifications to the   trail will take place to circumvent these unfixable sections of trail. Along   with additional culvert and trail work we are hoping that the trail will be   more groomer and skier friendly. The view from the west peak warming   cabin definitely makes this ski (or snow shoe) worthwhile. 
  10. We also plan to redo the Suomi Trail so that we will be able to groom it consistently throughout the season. This ski trail was an old favorite for   many and I am happy that we will be able to put it back on the map in a   more meaningful way.
  11. We also plan on doing some work on the Erling Strom trail.
  12. Gary Roth was kind enough to use his skidder to put in a new section   of trail on the Roth Loop that bypasses some wet spots as well eliminate   some sharp corners which were difficult for beginner skiers to navigate.  Thanks Gary for the time and effort!
  13. Mike O’Connor is presently working on brushing the Pickard Lake trail.  Thanks Mike for tackling this tedious job! Stay tuned for more updates. An update on our snow shoe trails will   be coming shortly.  Jamie

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