"Stokely Creek Ski Touring Centre offers everything from sheer Nordic bliss to wide-eyed excitement for cross-country ski enthusiasts bent on exploring the wilderness."

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Skier Activity Continuing to Increase

Dec.13, 2008

Joe Drouillard, a long time Stokely skier was up from Michigan and skied here for 3 days. He’ll be back many more times before the season is over. Nice to see you again Joe!

Moose Sighted On Ski Trails

Dec.11, 2008

Alex, one of our grooming operators, enjoyed watching a couple of moose come out behind him on the ski trail the other day. There is an abundance of moose and deer tracks that the early skiers are coming across. Alex rolled and packed the King Mountain west peak trail, as well as the Frozen Waterfall Trail yesterday as we continue to open up our trail system.

Christmas at Stokely Creek Lodge

Dec.10, 2008

There is no doubt that we will have another very white Christmas this year. At 8:00 o’clock this morning the temperature was down to 23 deg. C. This will really help to firm up the snow base on our ski trails. With Christmas just around the corner, have you ever given any thought about having a family Christmas at Stokely Creek Lodge? There are still a number of rooms available on and before the 25th, however the reservation book is rapidly filling up after the 25th, so now is the time to give us a call. What better time to try out those new skis than on Christmas day?

Skier Activity Increasing

Dec.9, 2008

Local skiers are finally convinced that winter is here to stay. A number of familiar faces skied up th the lodge today to purchase their season’s pass or membership and then headed out onto the trails for that first exhilarating ski. At present we have about 80 kms rolled and packed and about 40 of those kms. are groomed and tracked.

Ski Trail Grooming update

Dec.8, 2008

10 cm of new snow on Friday night and Saturday morning gives us at least 2 feet of snow on the ground around the Ski Lodge, and at least 30 inches up in the hills. This allows us to concentrate on rolling and packing our trail system, and then setting track. We currently have about 20 kms tracked and another 30 kms rolled. By the end of today we should have another 30 kms rolled. Things are shaping up nicely for a premier cross country skiing season.
Mike O’Connor and Tom Chorney snowshoed into Norm’s cabin on the weekend, which should help us tremendously in getting into a groomer before Christmas. 

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